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We can supply these plants from our wholesale nursery in 70mm, 100mm & 125mm pot sizes. Please check what is available when ordering.
How to display Sarracenia in your nursery
We grow our plants under clear plastic with no sides. The clear plastic stops heavy rain from filling the traps with water and having no side allows as much sun in as possible. In most nurseries the best location is next to the Cactus, but in saucers of water. Normally this is not under irrigation and in full sun.
Tips for successful growing of your
Trumpet Pitcher Plants prefers a full sun position however will tolerate a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight a day. Trumpet Pitcher Plants are FROST HARDY.
Trumpet Pitcher Plants must be kept moist at all times -  therefore should be kept in a tray of water. It is best if the water level covers a 1/5 of the pot's height. If standing the plant in a pond at least 25mm (1 inch) of the pot should be above the water level.
If possible water the plant with rain water - tap water is acceptable however if you can collect rain water this is preferred.
Most flowers appear in Spring.
If you wish to repot your plant, you must use peat moss mixed with 1/5 coarse washed river sand and or perlite, also you can use straight sphagnum moss. The best repotting time is Spring.
The Trumpet Pitcher Plant's older leaves will gradually die back from the top down. These should be pruned back regularly to keep the plant tidy.  During the warmer months, when leaves die back they are replaced with new leaves. During the cooler months, the plant becomes dormant and does not send up new leaves. Continue to water as usual and look forward to the flowers and new leaves in Spring.
Most growing problems can be solved by giving the plant more sun or more water. So don't be afraid to move your plant to a sunnier position or place it into a deeper tray as you cannot overwater it.

The Trumpet Pitcher Plant's can be used in ponds. I have grown S. leucophylla 50mm underwater for 18 months, but it is best to keep at least a 1/5 of the pot out of water. So as the plant will not get blown over, I would use a clay pot and a mixture of 50/50 Sand and Peat Moss.

The best fly catchers are the tall Sarracenia.
Enjoy your plant!