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Mixed Gardens
The information below are for most of our Carnivorous Plants except for Nepenthes they tend to prefer less water and sun, but I have included them in some of my gardens in the past and they have grown well. Use the normal peat mix in all the gardens.

If the container has drain holes it should be in a saucer of water that is about 1/5 of the height of the container deep.

You can use a lot of containers that have no holes. Look for containers that are at least 200mm deep, if it's to shallow it's more likely to dry out. An empty pot or tubing embeded in the garden will allow you to see the water level. Some examples are Bath Tubs & Toilet Bowls (with the outlet blocked).

If you would like your plants in the ground. Dig a hole at leat 200mm deep line it with black plastic.