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We can supply these plants from our wholesale nursery in 70mm,  125mm and 200mm pot sizes. Please check what is available when ordering.
Tips for successful growing of your
Climbing Pitcher Plants enjoy similar growing conditions to ferns and orchids.  They can be grown indoors or outdoors in a sheltered, semi-shaded position receiving 50-80% shade or morning sun. Climbing Pitcher Plants are FROST TENDER.
Climbing Pitcher Plants must be kept moist at all times and must have good drainage as they do not like to sit in water.
If possible, water the plant with rain water although tap water is acceptable.
Flowers appear throughout the year and have little aesthetic appeal.
If you wish to repot your plant, you must use a well drained potting mix such as a Cymbidium Orchid mix. The best time to repot is in Spring or Summer.
Climbing Pitcher Plants’ older leaves will gradually die back from the trap to the stem. These should be pruned back to the stem regularly to keep the plant tidy. Also cutting off the growing tip of the plant will keep it more compact.
If your plant is in a position that it cannot catch insects you may use fertiliser at ΒΌ strength.

Enjoy your plant!