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(Dionaea muscipula)
We can supply these plants from our wholesale nursery in 70mm pots. Please check what is available when ordering.
Tips for successful growing of your
(Dionaea muscipula)
Venus Fly Traps are best grown outside receiving at least 5 hours of direct sun. If the plant does not receive enough light the traps will become very small. If this happens, find a sunnier position for your plant.

Venus Fly Traps must be kept moist at all times - therefore should be kept in a tray of water. It is best if the water level covers a 1/5 of the pot’s height. Please avoid any overhead watering

If possible water the plant with rain water - tap water is acceptable however if you can collect rain water this is preferred.

To ensure longevity of your plant, don’t close the traps with fingers. Closing the traps continuously with fingers causes the plant to use excess energy with no reward of food. If you wish, you can feed your plant once a month with a live fly or insect.

If your plant sends up a flower, pinch it off with your fingers as it take a lot of energy out of the plant.

Each leaf can only shut three times, however the plant is producing new leaves to replace the old ones. Remove any dead leaves as required.

If you wish to repot your plant, you should use 5 parts peat moss and 1 part coarse washed river sand or use straight sphagnum moss. Repotting should be done in either Spring or Summer.

During the cooler months the Venus Fly Trap becomes dormant. Do not throw it away thinking it has died. Continue to water it as usual and in Spring it will send up new leaves.

Enjoy your plant!